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Do you recommend using a filter for a misting system?

I do. A filter keeps debris and small particles out of your system which will eliminate potential problems. Even folks with municipal water should use a filter because debris gets carried through the water lines and could end up plugging your misting nozzles or keeping your solenoid valve from closing.

The filter should be installed before any components, including the solenoid valve.

I am building a misting system and I was told I needed two different Intermatic timers. How come you only have one timer? Don't you need two?

Many people are told they need two mechanical timers when building a misting system to propagate plants. This is not entirely true.

Years ago, mechanical timers were state of the art. Two timers were needed (one 24 hour, one interval timer) to make the mist spray intermittently to keep the cuttings moist. Like everything, bigger and better things have come along.

The DIG propagation timers carried at the Mistkits store are far superior than the old mechanical timers. They are also much safer. The mechanical timers need 110 volts to operate, the new DIG digital timers operate on 9 volts if battery operated or 24 volts if the electric version.

Both of these timers have the 24 hour and interval timer built right in.

The absolute best thing about the DIG timer is the fact that you can purchase one for much less than what it costs for a single mechanical interval timer!

I saw you mention that high water pressure is not good for your systems. Can't I just close my faucet a little?

No. Closing the valve will not lower the pressure. That is a common misconception.

Closing the valve a little will only reduce the amount of water (the flow) that can pass through the valve.

You would need something called a pressure reducer. I suggest (and sell) 40 psi pressure reducers because my systems perform best at that pressure.

What is the optimal water pressure for your misting systems?

Mistkits misting systems are designed to operate with pressures between 10 and 60 psi. However, to minimize any problems, I recommend 40 psi.

40 psi is plenty of pressure for the misting nozzles to operate correctly but not too much too cause problems like the tubes on them to be forced out of the holes.

If your pressure is above 40, a pressure reducer can be purchased.

Here's my question, along with some history...and hopefully, my situation will encourage others to take preventive actions...I purchased a (pre-programed) DIG 5006 propagation timer and misting system from you about three years ago. That was a fantastic year for my garden and nursery plants. They loved it!!! At the beginning of Fall, I took it all apart and put it into storage.Time passed, as I had a full season of other duties to attend to, so I skipped a year of using my misting system.Thus, now two years later, I have some problems getting the systems back online again... because I didn't make original setup notes, and my DIG instructions are misplaced...nightmare.I put a fresh battery in my DIG unit, and it lit right up, indicating that the time was 12:01 PM on a Wednesday. I was able to get that corrected, as it was 7:00PM on a Monday...However, I'm wondering about four things:1. As all I did was reset the unit to the proper time, is the program you installed for me, unchanged? 2. Obviously the DIG unit has an in-flow and an out-flow, but I can find nothing on the unit that indicates which is the in-flow, and which is theout-going. Can you give me a description to help me find which is which? 3. What is the proper way to turn the DIG unit "On" or "Off", as it seems those aspects are embedded within the computer program, and not a simple (exterior) on-off switch...4. Is there a way to get a new set of instructions for properly operatingthe DIG unit? All of this would have easily been avoidable if I had followed your original advice, about proper storage of everything, including instructions, notes, and even photographs. I actually thought I would remember it all, and I didn't expect to skip a season...

Sorry to hear about your difficulty getting things back together.

1. If the timer was unplugged and the battery died, the program has been erased. One indication of why I think that happened is that when you replaced the battery, the time on the screen was 12:00 and the day was Monday. Unfortunately the timer must be programmed from scratch. I have your email address, so I will send along the instructions. You can also see my videos on Youtube or call me for assistance.

2. Because of the nature of your question, I assume you have a battery operated misting timer. The solenoid valve does have a small arrow indicating the flow. Look very closely from the top of the valve and you should see it. Typically, the in flow is opposite the electric solenoid (the part with the two wires attached to it).

3. The proper way to turn a DIG misting timer off is to change the programming so it will not operate. However, this is not a great way to do it because of the difficulty some people have programming the timers. I have in the past offered a timer cabinet with toggle switches that would turn individual zones off with the flip of a switch. Because of the lack of availability of the cabinets I have discontinued the product. If you have the skills, install a toggle switch in the wire that goes to the solenoid valve.

4. I will email you a set of those instructions because you purchased the system from me. They are also available at the Mistkits store as a digital download.

Proper dis-assembly, notes, and storage will go a long way to keeping your sanity. If you need help, feel free to email or call.

I have a hole in my pvc pipe that I was using for a mist tube. I don't need it temporary, what is the best way to plug it so I can use it again later if needed? Duct tape didn't work.

I don't have a perfect solution for closing that hole.

You can leave one of the misting nozzles installed and push the pin down to stop the flow. It sometimes will weep a little but the majority of the flow is stopped.

You could also try the goof plugs that are used for drip systems. There are a few different sizes and one may push in and seal the hole.

I have recently completed my first misting system. I have a couple hundred cuttings that appear to be doing well and I am adding more almost daily. I am concerned about what to do this winter to ensure my plants survival. Should i build a greenhouse? Can I use my hoop house if i add space? Do I need a heater or any irrigation? Would in my basement under artificial light be reasonable? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The hoophouse with white plastic is your best bet. Not the clear or opaque, white. It will let in ample sunlight but not enough to keep the plants from going through the required dormant stage. You must also keep everything watered.

I have seen nurseries simply lay their pots over on their sides if they are tall and cover everything with white plastic. The plastic gets held down with cinder blocks to keep it from blowing away.

I need to change my battery in the timer. I'm using it to mist and it is doing a good job. So can I just replace it or will I have to unplug the timer? thanks Robert Lee in Greenwood In.


You can simply replace the battery whether plugged in or not.

If the timer is plugged in you have no worries about the programming being erased.

If the timer is unplugged, you have 30 seconds from the time the battery is removed, to replace it. If the battery is connected within 30 seconds the programming will be retained.

I need to change my battery in the timer. I'm using it to mist and it is doing a good job. So can I just replace it or will I have to unplug the timer? Thanks Robert Lee in Greenwood In.


There is no need to unplug the timer when replacing the battery.

The DIG mist controllers give you about 30 seconds to replace that battery before the program is erased. Think about it...30 seconds to replace a battery. If you replace the battery within 30 seconds your program will be retained. That is amazing!

I am a member of the BYG board and my mist controller just died. I need a DIG 5006IP yesterday but I see you are out of them. If I order one from another vendor will you send me an invoice for the rest of the parts that don't come with the stock unit? I just need 2 valves solenoids, waterproof nuts and connectors, etc. I already have the system built. Thanks for any help you might give. Brian


I do have those parts available right now. I don't sell the wirenuts but will toss them in at no charge .

The misting systems and timers are quite popular on Mistkits.com and sell out quickly so I am not surprised they were sold out. I have updated the website to reflect the correct quantity I have.

I'm just starting out can I purchase or acquire some info on how to build a misting table with zone timers I plan to run at least 4-6 zones so if I can get some help or literature on the products or help with maintainance that be great. I live in E.H.T. Thank you for your time!

Have you checked out the Misting System E-learning website? There are products available that explain all facets of misting systems. The misting system PDF is what I would suggest, it covers EVERYTHING!

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