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How do you tag your plants?

Good question.

Proper tagging is essential for keeping track of your plants. It is even more so if you plan on selling them.

Tag N Track is a great software program that is extremely affordable. It will create the tags you need as well as track your inventory.

does asparagus interfere with the absorbtion of anti-seisure medication dilantin

I cannot answer this question because I have no knowledge on this particular topic.
I suggest talking to your doctor or other medical expert to get the answer.

I live in Texas, and last year we had a extremely severe drought state wide! We ended up losing close to 5.5 million trees for the lack of water. Now, we are able to use our "gray water", or water from showers, sinks, washing machines, but not the toilet (black water). My question is: what kind of filtering system would I need to install to filter out the impurties in gray water to use with a misting/drip irrigation system(s)?

Hmm, good question.
I have not ventured into the grey water area so this is all my opinion and if followed, may not result in the intended outcome.

The solids could be separated out by allowing the water to stand in a container and the water drawn from the top of the container only. A whole house filter would then remove the remaining solids.

Now as far as the chemicals; hand soap, dish liquid, laundry detergent, bleach, etc, I don't know, sorry.
I also wonder if there will be things like bacteria and viruses in the water that may get transferred to the plants...

Is it ok to set up the misting beds on concrete? 8x4 foot bed at 10 inches high filled with silica sand ?

If the misting beds will be located on concrete I would suggest adding drainage to ensure the water does not pool in the beds and keep the sand too wet.

When building the beds, lay 3/4" PVC pipe that you have drilled many 1/4" holes along the length. These holes will allow the water to enter the piping. These pipes should also extend beyond the frame of the bed. Do this by laying the pipe down first, notching the frame to fit around the pipes. then filling with sand. See this picture for reference:

misting bed drainage

Looking straight down onto the misting bed


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