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So you want to know a little about us huh? OK, here goes:

Mistkits.com got it’s start when Andy Kennedy and Dwayne Haskell met each other through a private growers group. Andy lives in Mid Coast Maine, and Dwayne in Southern Maine. We contacted each other to make a joint purchase of nursery pots. At that time, we were both also trying to figure out the correct components needed to make an intermittent mist system. We both had started our own plant propagation nurseries, and needed mist kits for our softwood cuttings.

After determining what was needed, a lot of research was done to track down the components, and get the best prices. Dwayne designed a complete mist kit that was easy to assemble, and used common garden hose fittings to make it very simple to assemble and expand at a later date if desired. After building a misting system for both Andy and Dwayne, the next logical step was to produce them for other nursery owners and gardeners that were interested in rooting softwood cuttings.

The mist kits have gone through a few revisions to improve and enhance their usability. We have even gone to the extent of making videos, and rewriting the instructions that come with the digital timers to make it easier for our customers to program them.

Dwayne has designed custom plant propagation misting systems for customers, as well as a system for misting concrete as it cures.

We pride ourselves in our customer service, and believe that if we give the customer much more than they expect, they will earn our trust, and continue to be our customers and friends for years to come. Before designing the mist kits, Andy placed an order for one online. Months later, he had still not received it, and couldn’t get hold of the seller until he canceled the order. Only then did the seller contact him, wondering why he canceled! He didn’t even have a mist kit on hand, and was waiting for components to build one!

We have determined that customer service is the one area we will excel at, and we will never accept any form of payment for something we personally don’t have on hand and can personally ship within three days. Everything you see in our store is personally on hand, and can be shipped immediately.

The Mistkits blog was created to be able to give our customers and non customers alike, information on plant propagation, gardening, composting, and other topics we feel may benefit them.

Have a topic you would like some info on? Let us know. We will research it and create a post. Please use this contact form.

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