I am a Maine Croc Farmer

Yes, it’s true. I am a Croc Farmer and I live in Maine. This is the first time I have mentioned it, even most of my family doesn’t know and most of my friends don’t have a clue either. I know, who knew you could be a Croc Farmer in Maine? Don’t Croc Farmers live in warmer climates? Yep, most do. So what made me want to become a Croc Farmer?

Well, a few years ago I was working on the gardens and I decided I wanted to do something most people don’t. I needed a little excitement and adventure in my life and right there and then I decided to be a Croc Farmer. I haven’t regretted it yet! I wholeheartedly enjoy being a Croc Farmer!

Yes, there are times being a Croc Farmer can be dangerous. In fact, I have almost lost a few toes once or twice, but being a Croc Farmer makes me pay a bit more attention to what is going on around me. One small mistake and I could have a bad injury.

Of course, being a Croc Farmer comes to a screeching halt when the weather turns cold. You just can’t be a Croc Farmer when the temperatures drop below freezing! This makes me appreciate Spring and warm weather just that much more!

Over the years I have discovered that most Croc Farmers are women. Huh? Yes, women! Who knew? The danger these women put themselves into by being a Croc Farmer can be mind boggling. Why aren’t more men Croc Farmers? The excitement and danger should be quite a draw…

So I am one of the few men who is a Croc Farmer, and most likely, one of the VERY FEW Mainers too. I am in a league of my own!

Click the picture to learn about how I got started with Crocs.

Maine Croc Farmer

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