Here are 3 great resources for you; misting system training, sources for manure in your local area, and raising backyard chicken training.

Here are three great resources I would like to share with you.

  1. The misting system e-learning course is now live and doing quite well. The course is available in a few different forms; as a 45 day newsletter or an immediate PDF download. Also available are individual chapters on various subjects. If you are interested, check out the Misting System E-learning website.
  1. If you play around with plants you are sure to need manure. A new website is available where you can find manure in your area. However, it also needs your help if you have manure to share. Here is how it works:If you have extra manure at times and are willing to share, you can create a listing. When someone needs your type of manure in your area, they contact you through a link on the website to check for availability. If you have some, great, if not, that is fine too; no pressure! If you are searching for manure, do a search in your local area and contact the provider. Great idea huh? Visit Take My Poop for more information. Also visit the Take My Poop Facebook page and like it to spread the ….well, word!
  1. If you are thinking about raising chickens or already have them, visit the Backyard Chicken E-learning website. There are some great articles there to help you on your journey (like a chart that shows how large a coop you need, how to tell if your eggs are fresh enough to eat) and a forum where you can connect with fellow chicken lovers. One great feature of the website is the ability to send an article you may like to your kindle at the press of a button; awesome idea! Backyard Chicken E-learning is also on Facebook, go ahead and like the page!

Oh, one more thing: I now have multiple Kindle books available on Amazon. Some titles include: Why Your Nearing Frame Must Face True North and Not Magnetic North and How To Properly Do It, How to grow your own Japanese Maple tree from seeds in 5 easy steps, 45 Tips That You Just Can’t Ignore Unless You Want To Work Harder In Your Gardens And Landscapes, and more. Check out my Kindle books on Amazon.

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem, you don’t need one to read a Kindle book!  You can read a Kindle in your browser or use an app for your specific device like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc. here is the best part; they are all free!

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