How to reinvigorate your ornamental grass

Ornamental grasses are great additions to the landscape. Like other perennials, some maintenance is required to keep the plants happy and healthy. As ornamental grass ages, the center dies back because all new growth is concentrated on the outside edges of the clump where it can get plenty of moisture and sun. If left alone, the center keeps increasing in size and ultimately weakens the center of the clump.

Bill Holt from Willowmist Ornamental Grasses has come up with an extremely easy fix to this problem; coring the center and filling it with topsoil will allow the center to grow back in with new shoots. How easy is that? Simply use a sharp spade or even better, a sawzall with a 12″ coarse blade, and cut out all the dead material. Fill it with high quality topsoil to the level of the existing crown, and it will shortly begin to grow new shoots.

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