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Your government is giving spammers your email-update

Here is a quick update to my last post regarding the release of email addresses by my State Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. I just posted two messages to my State Senators regarding the release of the Department of … Continue reading

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Is your government giving your email address to spammers?

Let me first apologize to my loyal readers for this post. Is is not the typical type of posts I write, but the subject has raised my hackles enough that I need to vent, and you need to know this … Continue reading

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Can You Use Softened Water For Your Misting System?

Of course you can use water that has passed through a water softener to mist your cuttings with. It will provide the exact same amount of moisture that non-softened water will. However, that is pretty much all the benefit it … Continue reading

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5 Warm Season Ornamental Grasses

Are you wondering which varieties of grasses are considered warm season grass? Here is a short list of species that are considered warm season grasses. Miscanthus Cortaderia Pennisetum Panicum Andropogon These grasses actively grow during the hottest days of summer. … Continue reading

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