Should a pink colored Blueberry still be called a Blueberry?

That is the first question that comes to my mind when I think about the new Blueberry that has been developed and will be offered to the public relatively soon. Shouldn’t it be called a Pinkberry? I mean really, why call it a Blueberry, it’s not blue!

Briggs Nursery will introduce a new cultivar of Blueberry named Pink Lemonade in 2009. In a heavenly shade of pink, Vaccinium “Pink Lemonade” is the first ever pink blueberry to be brought to market. “When you think pink lemonade it usually brings to mind a crisp refreshing taste and long summer days,” says Dave Jarzynka, president of Briggs.

The second question that comes to mind is the marketability of such a Blueberry. Is this new Blueberry going to have the same reception as the green ketchup did? You remember the green ketchup don’t you? It had the same exact taste as the red, but the public just couldn’t buy into the color green. It just didn’t seem right.

The pink color of the new Blueberry just doesn’t sound natural. For those of us that have actually harvested Blueberries, the color pink indicates that the Blueberry isn’t ripe. In fact, it is nowhere near ripe, and is usually quite sour. Will the pink color trigger an unconscious reaction that we just won’t be able to overcome? Will consumers reject the new “Blueberry” simply because it’s is not blue? Can we really look past the color and accept this new Blueberry as a true Blueberry, or will the pink color lead us to subconsciously expect a different taste other than a Blueberry? What do you think?

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